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About Your Baby Can Learn

Your Baby Can Learn is an early learning programme developed by Dr. Robert C. Titzer in 1991. Using a multisensory learning methodology, the programme helps parents with toddlers from the age of 3 months and up learn written, spoken, and receptive language skills.

Using innovative and science-based techniques, parents can easily incorporate the Your Baby Can Learn programme into their child's playtime, allowing for them to pick up language skills from an early age. 

Millions of parents have joined the Your Baby Can Learn revolution and are satisfied with the results. Jump onboard to fast track your little one's learning, you won't regret it. 

"What an awesome program!! I recommend it to all parents" Whytte, from Australia

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How 'Your Baby Can Learn' works

With Your Baby Can Learn, what your child sees matches what he/she hears. We also encourage parents to ask children to use touch or other senses to help with the learning process.

Our multisensory and interactive programme introduces receptive, expressive and written language skills at the optimal time for young children to learn. Your Baby Can Learn is fun because it's been designed to help children learn in the same way that they learn about toys.

Babies learn about toys and other objects by looking at them, listening to them, putting them in their mouths, and using all of their senses! We have a long history of learning language skills only by the ear. Your Baby Can Learn encourages babies and children to learn language skills in the same natural way that they learn about toys and other objects - by using more senses!



Children are encouraged to use physical actions throughout the program. Whether it's clapping, identifying body parts, saying words or answering questions, it allows for better learning through interaction.

Infants naturally acquire patterns of language(s)

Research shows that infants respond well to patterns. In a recent study, bilingual babies acquired patterns of two languages in the same amount of time it took for monolingual babies to acquire the patterns of one language.


Did you know that babies have more neuroplasticity than older children? This means that their brains have the ability to adapt earlier in life, which is why it's been recommended that parents start helping their babies learn as early as possible.

Cognitive learning (shape bias)

Learning the shape bias helps with cognitive learning! Babies need to learn that the shapes of objects give more information about their functions than colour, material, size, or texture. Once children learn this, they learn new words more efficiently. The sooner they learn shape bias, the sooner they can organise their world in a logical way as well as learn new words faster.

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What you get in the Your Baby Can Learn Deluxe Kit:

  • 5 Your Baby Can Learn! British English videos on 1 DVD
  • 5 Lift-the-Flap Books
  • 5 Sets of Sliding Word and Picture Cards (50 words with pictures!)
  • Teaching Cards (166 words!)
  • Milestone Cards (23 cards!)
  • BONUS 5 Your Child Can Read! DVDs (in American English)
  • BONUS Digital parent guide 'Dr. Titzer's Guide to Early Learning' 
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"It is a fantastic program that can work for every child, and we sing its praises to every individual who expresses amazement at our daughter's abilities." Gabbie W. from Australia
"I absolutely love this product and recommend it to any parent that would like to give their child a head start in life!!" Donna C. from Melbourne, Australia

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